PSV-contribution for a better patient safety & overall public health

We are a group of professionals striving to contribute for improving global patient safety & public heath by promoting safe & effective usage of medicinal products and medical devices. We have expertise in various domains present in Pharmacovigilance & Materiovigilance. We brought up this site with the below three objectives-

  1. Global safety updates from regulatory authorities across the world.
  2. Stimulating voluntary reporting of adverse experiences from medicines & medical devices
  3. Empowering safety professionals in Pharmacovigilance and Materiovigilance

One single platform-

The information provided here is compilation of all the published safety information pertaining to Medicinal products and Medical Devices from different national regulatory bodies all over the globe.

Our Mission

To improve patient safety & promote global public health by minimizing the mortality, morbidity, hospitalization rates and reducing the cost burden of medicines and medical devices due to adverse reactions.

What We Do

  1. Global Drug Safety Updates- To update health care professionals and general public about medicinal product/medical device safety alerts, safety news, updates and significant information from regulatory/health authorities across the globe.
  2. Stimulating ADR reporting- To stimulate health care professionals and general public for voluntary/spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting for the real-time establishment of safety of medicinal products, which are “considered established in market”.
  3. Empowering Safety Professionals- We decipher knowledge to the professionals working in Pharmacovigilance and Materiovigilance in various concepts within the domain, thereby empowering them for a better patient safety.

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